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Membership of the Somers Residents Association (SRA) is open to all Somers Residents. “Resident” means a person of voting age, who owns, rents, or resides in a property within the Somers coastal village as defined by Postcode 3927.

Our Objectives:
• To preserve the character of the coastal village of Somers, and to support proposals to
enhance that character.
• To investigate concerns of residents about matters which may affect their wellbeing or
• To support proposals toward preservation of the natural environment, in balance with the
needs of the community.
• To examine actions of Authorities, organisations or companies in matters affecting
• To investigate proposals by Local, State or Federal Governments affecting Somers.
• To represent all Somers residents in community matters.

Important – please note:
On joining the Somers Residents Association you agree to be bound by the Rules of the Association. A copy of these rules can be obtained from this website or from the Secretary.

Information provided during the membership application and renewal process will only be used for Association purposes in accordance with Victorian Government Privacy Regulations.

To become a member of SRA, you have two options:

1. Complete a paper form – click here

2. Complete an electronic form online – click here

To renew your membership

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